Late 1800's Silk Opera Gloves

Item BE26: Silk Opera Gloves by Julius Kayser. These are in amazing condition for the age!! There is a tiny bit of wear on a couple of fingertips, but...thanks to the innovative creation of Julius Kayser, they have what he called "Finger tipped" finish...which is a double finger tip to deter wear. The verification of maker (KAYSER) is stamped on each wrist snap/closure.BR>
They are a soft taupe/beige color; are above elbow length (17 1/2" top to tip) and tout not only 3 rows of gorgeous (lighter in color) gathering, but also the famous Kayser ornate 3 rows of stitching on tops of each hand, and would have originally been sold from his Fifth Ave. store! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! GORGEOUS! Postage additional

Price: $59.00