Whiting & Davis Silver Mesh Bag

Item BE3: MUST HAVE! RARE! EXTRAORDINARY FABULOUS! Whiting & Davis Mesh Silver Bag from 1920's!

This absolutely mint condition 1920's (had to be after 1914 as tag lists 'Made in USA-CAN which began in 1914, but this style ran only during the 1920's). Tag is seen in close up and reads "Whiting & Davis Co. - Mesh Bags - Made in USA-CAN". I believe THIS bag is sterling silver as it has no golden hue as in silver over brass, gunmetal, etc. as found on many other bags, and responds to silver polish...plus it has 'weight'.

The purse is 7" long (12" w/handle) x 3 3/4" wide. There are ABSOLUTELY NO BROKEN LINKS, HINGES or anything else! The actual color is MUCH brighter than photographed by far!...Silver - with White - dark forest green - and black enamel, ALL the GREEN and BLACK is as the darkest seen, but the flash lightened the appearance in many areas. I especially apologize for the lightening of the 'X' center design as it IS VERY dramatic in person! The color is uniform! The scalloped edge is double thickness and is as gorgeous on the inside as out.

The handle is a figure '8' link design and very strong and firmly connected. The entire inside is as shinny and as the day it was made as well! Back and front are identical and ENTIRE PURSE IS PRISTINE...FRONT-BACK-INSIDE-OUT!! I apologize that my photos do not do justice....!

A TRUE RARE FIND IN SILVER!! (And check the tabloid's and you'll see Rene' Zellwiger, Paris Hilton, Angelina Jolie, and more...carrying these bags...to name just a few)!

Price: $225.00