1920's Murano Glass Flowers Mirror

Item BE28: Fabulous 1920's Murano Glass-Flowers Mirror! Soooo feminine!!

This one is unusual because, depending on the lighting, the glass flowers radiate either pinkish hues, or pale goldish hues! The design consists of dozens of tiny, various sized hand blown glass flowers & leaves, causing a cluster around the mirror with SUCH a delicate, feminine, entrancing effect.! Each is individually attached!

The mirror is attached to a wooden backing, with stand...all is original...and none of it's 100 year old+ art has ever been altered in any manner. It can be hung on the wall if preferred. It measures 14"H x 12"W. Fabulous backing for a perfume collection; to romanticize a bedroom; or just to gaze into to feel as beautiful as you ARE!! Postage additional.

Price: $325.00