If you are interested in listing items on Passion for Perfume, and want more details about how to do that, please click on the inquire button below.

Here is my basic listing policy and I will be happy to give you more details about how to list when you contact me:

To list items, I am asking $1 per item plus 50 cents per picture up front, then a 10% commission once an item sells. There is no time limit to how long you leave your items up nor any monthly fees.

Because I am putting time and effort into listing your items for very minimum cost, I do request that you put your very best price on your items so as to ensure more rapid sales.

I do receive quite a lot of requests to list items, so I have to be particular about what I will list and may not list every single item you send me. I have a mailing list with nearly 400 recipients. If you want to observe how I do things for a while, you are welcome to sign up for my Passion for Perfume newsletter.

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Newsletters contain links to the newest additions on the site, includes some pictures, and sometimes requests from fellow collectors who are searching for specific items. Any interesting news regarding perfume bottles is likely to be thrown in from time to time!

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Janice Holton