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Item RG583: Annick Goutal Limited Edition. "Baccarat Pour Annick Goutal Paris." This is an outstanding bottle & the red presentation box makes it unique. It is MIB & still sealed, stands about 5 inches tall including the gold coloured butterfly. It contains 150 mls of EDP. 301/600. Baccarat signed & gorgeous in every way. Would make a wonderful gift for the coming holiday season.

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Item RG656: "Celui" by Jean Desses. Baccarat. These two rare bottles are just exquisite. They look wonderful together or one on its own. They are empty of the scent "Celui" which came out in 1938. On the bottom of each bottle is the Baccarat Logo & "made in France." The larger bottle reads "Parfum de Toilette, Celui de Jean Desses written in gold on the front of the bottle & stands approximately 6 inches tall. The number 21 is etched on both bottle & stopper. The smaller bottle is exactly like the larger bottle except it is inscribed "Parfum", stands 5 inches tall & the number 188 is etched on both bottle & stopper. These bottles are truly exception, very heavy crystal with gold cord in excellent condition around the neck of the bottle. The stoppers are very big & made of crystal, which fit tightly into the bottle. They are no defects on either of the bottles that I have been able to find. I will sell them separately or together. Together the cost is $725 or one for $375.

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Item ED263: Rare COTY Baccarat Set of 3 Perfumes in Box - This is a rare set of 3 identical perfume bottles in Baccarat crystal (no. 291) for travel. They are clear crystal rectangular bottles, with inner glass stoppers, & brass covers. They usually all have thesame label but the labels are missing on these bottles. The are held in an elegant black leather, signed Coty Paris France , travel case. These early sets of 3 bottles with the same perfume were intended to be used during long trips, such as an ocean voyage. The bottles are 3.4 " in height. They all have etched numbers on the base matching the stoppers, and one bottle is etched Coty France on the bottom.There are a few light scratches on the bottles due to age and use. The travel case is in very nice condition. This would be a great addition to any collection.

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Item RG2013: First by Van Cleef & Arpels. As you can see from the picture, this is an incredible Perfume Presentation. I will quote from the information enclosed in the box.

"Following Van Cleef & Arpels tradition, this prestigious First perfume limited edition is an exceptional masterpiece: curved in design ,this bottle is adorned with a vermeil ring and a ground crystal stopper. Each piece is hand-numbered and engraved with 24-carat gold."

It also comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Individual serial number 378/1125

We certify that this perfume bottle has been executed by master crystal blowers employing techniques virtually unchanged for more than two centuries and unique to the Cristalleries de Baccarat.

The superb styled jewel case is covered in black velvet & the inside is covered in luxurious white satin. The bottle contains 1 ounce of pure perfume. It comes with a black & gold coloured protective box. A very special bottle to add to your collection.

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Item RG692: Fleur de Rocaille by Caron. A very special Limited & Numbered Edition by Baccarat, containing 90 ml. of pure parfum (3 Fl. ounces) in one of the most beautifully presented perfumes it has been my good fortune to own. First I will have to give you a little history on it. About 5 years I paid a lot of money for this unopened presentation as I had always loved the perfume & when I saw the gorgeous bottle I just couldn't resist. As some of my perfume friends might know I have a grandson who suffers from Autism & one day while visiting "Gram" Adam happened to come across this lovely orange box in the cello wrap. He quickly unwrapped not only the box but soon had taken off the wire around the neck. Shortly after he came to me & I must say he has never smelt so good before or since! It goes to show just how much I love him as I didn't even get upset. If one of my own kids had done the same thing he would still be in hospital. So back to the Fleur de Rocaille. Except for about half of the perfume missing the bottle & box is absolutely immaculate. The price is still on the bottom of the box at $1500 & it is numbered 382/800. It smells just as nice as it smelt on Adam. As you can see the Baccarat bottle is a very special one & at that price one would expect something special. The stopper is a real work of art, hard to describe the colour, something between an amber & an a pale orange shade. I have examined very carefully the entire presentation & it is in perfect condition. If you want more pictures I would be very happy to send them.

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Item RG582: Hadrian by Annick Goutal. Limited Edition by Baccarat. This is a classically beautiful bottle, still sealed, both numbered & signed (171/600) It contains 150 ml of the delicious perfume "Hadrian. The bottle is in mint condition but it is missing the white protective over box.

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Item ED234: "Lilas" by Soubise Baccarat Perfume Bottle - This rare vintage bottle is crystal by Baccarat in rectangular decanter form, the stopper is sealed by the perfume remaining in the bottle. It is about half full and has a gold label that reads Lilas Soubise Paris France and acid etched on the bottom of the bottle is Made in France. It is in very nice condition considering it's age with no chips or cracks. It stands 4 1/8" in height. Baccarat bottles are often only identified by documentation and experience, since early examples were not always marked. Bottles were systematically engraved with a mark only from 1936 onward. Prior to this, some were stamped, others had a small circular paper label, and many have NO distinguishing mark at all. Many bottles are usually signed with an acid etched mark. After 1936, all bottles were stamped with a logo.#610...1936 for Soubise - which must have had a paper label which is long gone. This would be a great addition to any collection.

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Item RG624: Maudy Perfume Flacon. Spectacular Crystal Flacon created by Baccarat in 1927. It has the Baccarat Logo & the number 9 on both inner stopper & base of bottle. It measures nearly 4 inches high including the stopper. I believe this size to be the largest made. Each of the 4 sides measures app. 3 inches wide. Vintage heavy cube shaped perfume bottle with molded garlands of flowers, crystal inner stopper, convex cover with four open sides - entirely molded with flowers. A stunning perfume bottle. There is chipping around the bottle opening which can't be seen when floral cover is in place & a tiny hair crack around the neck that extends down about 1/4 inch. It is empty of perfume & has a glass stopper which is in excellent condition. Reference: Baccarat Perfume Bottles, Perfume Presentation Art & Fragrance 2006. Lefkowith, which quotes this bottle sold at $4,567.00. I would assume this bottle would have been in perfect condition.

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Item RG2058: Shalimar by Guerlain. A gorgeous Baccarat presentation containing 1 ounce of pure perfume. It sits in a beautiful cream coloured box lined with white satin. It is signed and numbered and dates from 1983 so this should ensure you are getting the perfume before the formula was changed. The inner box and bottle are as new. The outer gold and black box have a tear at the corner. There is a small amount of perfume missing through evaporation. A much loved fragrance in Baccarat Crystal.

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  Item RG2012: Tresor by Lancome. A Limited Edition Signed and Numbered beautiful Crystal bottle by Baccarat containing 15 ml. of pure perfume. The bottle is in perfect condition as is the inside of the box but the top of the outside of the box looks as if someone used it as a saucer several times. Guess not everyone treats perfume & the boxes as we do!

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  Item RG210: "With Pleasure" Baccarat bottle by Caron. This wonderful all crystal perfume bottle is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. There is gold gilding on the "T" shaped crystal stopper & also on the ribs of the bottle. The gilding is about 99% complete with a tiny smudge on one of the ribs. One must really look for it as it is so small. It stands app. 3 1/2 inches high with the Baccarat emblem & signature is acid marked on the base of the bottle. A great favourite for vintage collectors.

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