Prince Matchabelli Hatbox Mini Set

Item SB4: This very cute little novelty set is by Prince Matchabelli. It is in the shape of a little hatbox. The body of the box is a semi rigid plastic keeper that has no dents or tears and is fully intact. Inside this is a plastic “keeper” that holds the 3 mini. Bottles in place. It is intact but there is one partial split in the plastic on one side. There is a little piece of netting that rests on this plastic. Under the “keeper” are 3 of the little crown shaped clear glass perfume minis. with the speckled plastic caps. The bottles are 1 ¼” tall and each has its label: Wind Song, Stradivari and Crown Jewel (which matches the names on the bottom of the box). The bottles all contain varying amounts of the original fragrances. The top of the hat box has the original pink netting with a pink satin box – all intact in excellent, vintage condition. The entire set is in excellent condition with no serious issues at all.

Price: $55.00