Beaded Bouquet Brooch

Item BE24: A FABULOUS and RARE FIND OF YESTERYEAR! French, handcrafted, intricate, sparkling, antique glass beads form this gorgeous bouquet of flowers! It is SO intricate...and could actually be used for SO many ideas today...a brooch, scarf holder, purse decor, hair décor, framed, or 100 other things! It has no pin on the back, but one can easily be stitched or glued on. The colors are: light & dark pink; light & dark blue; gold-ish yellow; green; orange, and red. It measures 3 1/2"W x 2 3/4" H and is in amazingly excellent condition for it's age, which is estimated sometime between mid 1800's to 1900. I found this recently in THE sweetest little Antiques shop in Arles, France!

Price: $79.00