Volupte Belt Buckle Compact

Item BE20: Mint Condition Volupte Compact, with unique silver ‘belt’ bar closure. Swing Open (belt moves downward) with engraved wave design on front with the super sparkly shiny silver tone bar. The back of compact is exactly the same. Swing the bar out-downward to open and swing the bar upward to close. Inside is absolutely like new...very shiny and scratch free, but for a tad of the escaped powder . About 1/2 of powder still remains, and was probably spilled out, as the puff is barely used! Puff shows Volupte’ logo in gold on pink puff. Lift door clasp on inside door (that reads Volupte’ U.S.A.) that puff rest upon, and powder is revealed. Mirror is also in perfect condition. I think this sat in someone's vanity drawer unused most of it’s life.

Payment: I prefer PayPal. I do not ship outside the continental U.S.

Price: $64.00