Possible Rare Renzo Cassetti Silver Compact

Item BE14: This beauty is marked inside the upper (mirrored) lid; ‘Made in Italy’ and ‘White Metal TE’ (TE stands for Teramo, Italy). It appears to be sterling silver, but is not marked as such. I am almost positive it is a Cassetti, and if so, it is most definitely sterling!

The scalloped shape is exactly like some of Cassetti’s designs, and moreover, the acanthus leaf floral design is exactly the same as some of his other pieces. The Brand Cassetti, born in 1926 on Ponte Vecchio in Firenze (now Florence), was born from Renzo Cassetti, master engraver of Florentine gold and silver. The tradition continues today via his sons, but is limited to household furniture, etc. This compact, a true piece of Art, measures 3 3/4”L x 3 1/4”W, and is a large, heavy, intricately engraved piece. On top, there is scroll-work around the edges that encircle the acanthus leaves, with a little flower in the center. The bottom has the same scroll-work. The mirror is very slightly ‘fogged’ (almost non-noticeable). It has the original, almost like new, protective/removable mesh ‘screen’ over a tad of leftover powder. It also has a puff, but I don’t believe it is original to this compact, as it’s reads (barely legible) ‘V.V.’s’, but I’ll leave it with the case for your discretion. Near mint condition.

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Price: $196.00