1928 Blue Satin Glass DeVilbiss with Unusual Hardware

Item JH8: 1928 DeVilbiss perfume. I found a reference in Marsha Craft's book "DeVilbiss" showing this item featured in a 1928 DeVilbiss catalog. I only found this type of hardware in one other catalog in 1929 as it appears they stopped making this design after 2 years. Either the design was faulty and not used again or it just wasn't a popular design. Either way, because of the unusual hardware shape, it is fairly rare. The bulb would normally be inflated so it stands straight up inside the curve of the hardware (see second picture). It is now deflated and barely hanging on. The bottle is a soft gray blue frosted glass with the 6 clear glass indents equally spaced on all sides of the bottle. There is gold paint at the top and inside the bottoms of each of the indents. The glass dauber is still there and intact. On the bottom, barely visible, is an acid etched circle mark that says Made by DeVilbiss in USA. I have been buying and selling perfumes for 20 years and this is the first time I've ever seen one (in person) with this type of hardware. This bottle measures about 6 inches tall and the glass drawtube is intact.

Price: $95.00