Hello! My name is Janice Holton and I am the proprietress of Passion for Perfume.

Many years ago, my husband gave me a curio cabinet for an anniversary gift and although I loved it, I didn’t have anything pretty to put in it! One day, as I was strolling through an outdoor antique show, I noticed a perfume bottle sparkling in the sun and thought it would look very pretty in a lighted curio cabinet so I bought it. And so the journey began . . .

I soon realized that I would need a way to finance my new obsession. I noticed when I was out and about searching for new treasures, that I would often run into other types of perfume bottles but didn’t know much about them so I started educating myself about all kinds of perfume bottles. I soon accumulated quite a few and needed a way to sell those that weren’t really my passion. So . . . Passion for Perfume was born! I knew there had to be others out there like me and I was right! It has been fun meeting you all!

I have been selling perfume bottles on the internet since 1997 and I have found perfume bottle collectors to be the nicest people! I have made some wonderful friends through this hobby. The site you now see is a redesign of the site I started in 1997 and was relaunched in October 2014. I will be adding new items to it every week as I can. If you are interested in receiving e-mail notifications when I add new items to the site,

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Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in learning how you can sell your own items on Passion for Perfume.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy looking around.

Your perfume pal,

Janice Holton